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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much does it cost to join?
  • It's free to join there are no charges involved.
  • How do I get paid?
  • Payment is sent to you monthly via PayPal. When you sign up use your PayPal email so payments can be made.
  • Is there a cap on how much I can earn?
  • There is no cap, the more you share your links, the more chance you will have for people to purchase through them, the more commissions you can make.
  • Do I have to own a resin business to set up referral links?
  • No you don't have to own a resin business to set up and share referral links. You will preferably have used our resin before, your audience will want to purchase through your links because they know that you like, use and trust our brand.
  • Can I see how much I will get paid and monitor this?
  • Yes, when you register for a referral account you can login anytime and see if you have any payments waiting to be paid into your PayPal account, these payments are called rewards. Watch our YouTube video How To Check Your Rewards/Payments & How To Make Changes To Your Links Name & Email.
  • Where can I share my links?
  • There are so many places that you can share your links and maximise the potential from someone purchasing Craft resin through your link, view our guide on where to share your links today.
  • Is there any guidance available to help talk about and share Craft Resin?
  • Yes we also have a guide with template posts to help you take the guesswork about how to talk about our brand and share your links.
  • Can I purchase resin through my own links?
  • No you can't, the system acknowledges if you are already signed up to our referral program by monitoring your name and email details, when you try to purchase with those details the system won't allow you to use the links and get the discount for your own orders because you earn 10% from your own sales. However we do have a great Subscription Service available for regular resin orders that enable you to get 15% off your orders through.
  • Can I customise my referral link?
  • Yes you can customise the link, say for example you want your brand name instead of your own name at the end of your link. Simply follow the guidance on how to do this in our YouTube video How To Check Your Rewards/Payments & How To Make Changes To Your Links Name & Email.
  • Can people purchase through my link from all markets?
  • Craft Resin is currently only available to buy in the UK, EU and US. People in these countries can purchase through your links, but you will need to create a separate link for all three markets. To do this head to our website, click on the country that you would like to set the link up in in the top blue bar on our website, click referral, then follow the steps to set up a link in that market. You can use the same email and password for all three of your accounts. Make a note of which link corresponds to which market to make it easier when sharing your links. We would suggest sharing only one link when you then post about your links and add in DM me if you would like to purchase Craft Resin in the (mention the other two countries).
  • If my friend joins the referral program, can they still shop through my link
  • Unfortunately not, their name and email will be linked to the Referral Program system which will mean they become an advocate too, and so they won't be able to purchase through your link to earn the discount as they will be earning from the program.